TSU Spring Enrollment Facts and Figures

The TSU Spring 2017 enrollment of 8,585 is extremely encouraging, especially when compared to first-day enrollment statistics from this time last year (Spring 2016). Here are just a few of the positive gains from our enrollment dashboards:

  • 5.7% total enrollment increase
  • 84.5% increase – first-time freshmen
  • 59.5% increase – transfer students
  • 18% increase – first-time graduate
  • 3% increase – continuing students
  • 6% increase in total credit hours
  • School of Communication has the largest percent increase of all schools/colleges – +10.9%

These impressive enrollment numbers tell a story beyond statistics and speak to the increased value of a Texas Southern University education in the eyes of graduating high school seniors and college students transferring to TSU. The numbers also reveal the incredible work put in by all TSU stakeholders – faculty, staff, alumni and students, offering online enrollment and efforts to find resources to support students who were about to be dropped for non-payment. The goal of making Texas Southern University a first-choice destination higher education institution is becoming a reality with major increases in first-time freshmen and transfer students.

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