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Sep 2120225 comments

NBCDI offers help for black children children

Dorcaus Robinson
The Houston Sun

Dr. Deborah K. Green is President of the Black Child Development Institute (BCDI) – Houston, the local affiliate of the national organization, National Black Child Development Institute. In speaking with the Houston Sun, Dr. Green wrote, “With our discussion this morning about, ” it takes a village,” to obtain wraparound support for Black Families, it brought to mind what I usually say when advocating for children and parental rights for schools. “Without parents, there are no children. Without children, there are no schools. Without schools, there are no jobs for teachers and staff. “Therefore, each and everyone is an essential piece and an integral part of the success equation for educational attainment and excellence for Black children!” Also, “No decisions for us ….without us!”.

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Sep 202022

Slavery Remembrance Day Held

U.S. Congressman Al Green (DTX-9) hosted the first Slavery Remembrance Day Breakfast and Legislative Update for the city of Houston on August 20, at the Community Collective, formerly known as the Power Center. Congressman Green wants August 20th to be recognized as Slavery Remembrance Day, which illuminates, informs, and recognizes the twenty enslaved Africans who were forcibly brought to the shores of what would become the United States of America over 400-years-ago.

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Aug 152022158 comments

Unprecedented action: 45th president home searched by FBI

For the first time in the 246-year history of the United States of America, a president’s home has been searched by law enforcement officials. Without releasing the demands in the warrant, the 45th President, Donald Trump (Republican) has reported that his Mar-A-Lago home has been searched. Trump, who is under multiple investigations, has resulted in a Federal Judge and the Department of Justice National Security Division approval of a probable cause warrant allowing the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to search his residential estate, Mar-A-Lago in Palms Spring, Fla. Months ago, it is reported that 15 boxes of government documents were sent to the National Archives from Trump’s Mar-A-Lago home in February. Monday, August 8, dressed in plain clothes at 10 a.m., while Trump was away, the FBI called ahead, entered the grounds, and presented the American paid Secret Service security with the Court orders to search the premises for classified documents.

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