TSU expands online learning capability with new high-performance network servic

Texas Southern has partnered with Comcast Business to expand the University’s network. Comcast’s high-performance Ethernet services will increase bandwidth to support TSU’s growing student population and aid online learning. The updated service will provide advanced technology services to improve campus-wide communications and strengthen network access, mobile device management and security.

“Our mission is to offer innovative programs that help our students develop into lifelong learners, engaged citizens and creative leaders in their local, national and global communities,” TSU President Austin Lane said. “Today, this just isn’t possible without high-speed internet and cutting-edge network services. Our partnership with Comcast Business enables us to provide our students with the technological advantages they need to succeed – not only here at the university, but in the real world as well.”

TSU turned to Comcast Business to bring a high-performance network to nearly 40 buildings across campus. The University significantly upgraded its available bandwidth with a 10 Gigabit-per-second (Gbps) Ethernet Dedicated Internet connection from Comcast. TSU’s previous capacity from a different supplier was only 1 Gigabit-per-second. Now, one building has the same amount of bandwidth that was previously designated for the entire campus and has significantly faster internet speeds.

The powerful combination of added capacity and lightning-fast internet enables TSU to improve network access and mobile device management; enhance overall communication between students and faculty; and provide students with high-performance network services, including live streaming video and audio for digital classrooms and other online education initiatives. TSU’s IT department also has enhanced network security and fewer user complaints about the internet connection.

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