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9 / 16 / 2011
Dear Editor:

This is a bittersweet victory. First of all let me say that I do not take pride in benig responsible for shutting any productve business down. However, it would give me a sigh of releif if shutting down this business saved lives in the Pleasantville community.

The results of the attached investigation, the alleged voluntary closings of the chemical plant and the abrupt trade-off of

Blentech purchasing the [8] out of [200] air conditioners for the senior citizens in Pleasantville that did not have ac at the request of Mayor Annise Parker, brings several questions to my mind:

1.How much was the fine?

2.Since I initiated the complaint, am I entitled to a percentage of the damages? [whistleblower or something]

3.Shouldn’t the residents that live along this section of the railroad track that were directly affected be entitled to damages?

4.Do we have grounds for a class action suit?

5.If he closes the business in Harris County and re-opens in Chambers County under another name, does that squash any possibilities of a lawsuit?

6.What is the statute of limitation(s) to bring suit in this type of matter?

7.How did the city benefit from by way of providing a/c for seniors from a complaint that I initiated? I’m happy seniors that needed ac were able to get them, but something doesn’t smell right.

I’m sure I’ll have more questions, but ………

Ms. Allen,

Houston, TX 770

Dear Ms. Allen:

Per your voice mail of this afternoon, the Blentech complaint investigation report prepared by the City of Houston, their Notice of Vio-lation letters, and Blentech’s written response are included in the attachment. It is noted that Blentech’s response dated January 26, 2011 indicated the owner made the decision to shut down the business at the Houston location and move to Chambers County.

Should you have questions about the attached documents, City of Houston personnel would be in the best position to provide answers as they were at the site, gathered documentation, and determined which violations could be alleged.


Edgar E. (Ed) St. James, Jr.

Investigator, Waste Section

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Houston Region 12

Dear Editor:

I am responding to an article published in The Sun’s Vol29 August 19, 2011 in the Business Section and Know Your Legal Rights

“Weight Discrimination in the Workplace” written by Keryl Beryl/Meryl/Beryl Burgess Douglas. The article is so important in this day in time as the author says mostly Overweight people are looked down on. People believe that the more weight a person has makes them, less intelligent, less active, and useless. Obesity is an illness just like depression, or cancer. Majority of Americans are overweight. No one likes to be laughed at because of his or her appearance.

Smoking is a disease, which could lead to lung cancer. They only have to move 25 feet from a public building. Slender people get sick, and some do not move fast. Therefore, what is next, do we send obese people to camps and place yellow stars on them and remove them from earth?

I applaud you for writing about the discrimination of the Obese that are treated as a joke not as an illness that most do not have a control over.


LaMona M.Johnson

Missouri City, TX 77489

12 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor”

  1. Hello, my name is Mrs. Glenda Henry and I am one of Ms. Tj Baker’s Co-workers at FBISD. I asked Tj to help me write an article about my inspired daughter (Erayle Amacker) who is an (Up-and-Coming) Opera Singer at HSPVA.

    Please read the attached article, which has a professional photo and a short video clip of her singing with the Houston Symphony as Belle in Belle of the Ball. I hope it will be in your next publication for your (On-line and Print) distribution.

    If you have any questions, please call and if I don’t pick up, you may leave a detail message, this is my primary & private cell phone.

    Thank you,

    Mrs. G. Henry



    May, I please have an e-mail address so that I can send two attachments. One if for the article and the other is a short clip of `Erayle Amacker, singing as Belle in Belle of The Ball with the Houston Symphony.

  2. Dear Editor:

    Although I find that the concept of a state as racist as TX to be more than intolerable, I saw a story which, if true, REALLY shows your state to be something that perhaps a A-Bomb would be better for. “WHITE GUN NUTS CARRYING THEIR GUNS THRU A BLACK NEIGHBORHOOD?????” (http://samuel-warde.com/2014/06/white-gun-nuts-carry-weapons-black-neighborhood/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+SamuelWarde+%28Samuel+Wynn+Warde%29)

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? I hope that these racist, bigoted jerks come to other parts of the country where they would be welcome by more bullets than they could handle—most of these little nazis don’t want their faces shown, nor would they like it if a large number of Black Men walked thru THEIR neighborhoods with loaded guns—I mean, what is UP WITH THE BLACKS IN TX PUTTING UP WITH THIS??? What, they’ve been heaten down to think that it’s still Jim Crow Days???? And, to think that “Law Enforcement” would do something about this outright challenge to the civil rights of a group of people is BEYOND LAUGHABLE—those cops don’t give a rat’s a** about the Black community, save what they can arrest. So, tell me—is this a true story, or is it more bluster from the newfound KKK party?

  3. Good Afternoon,

    I am Wazeer, a conscious Hip Hop Artist and producer and videographer. I am also a student at the Houston Community college/ Audio Recording Major. I wanted to know how would I get a review in The Houston Sun for my album, My Way, that is on ITunes, Amazon, Goggle play, and Spotify.

    Below are links to my youtube channel, A Brighter Day TV where you can review my work/videos.

    Thanks for your help and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Links to videos and channel:





    Zaqqiyah Haamidah (281) 660-4602 info@LFNOIHouston.org (Note: This is not the contact for the general public.)
    The Lost-Found Nation of Islam-Houston to Hold a Black Family Survival Awareness Townhall Meeting
    (Houston, Texas) Minister Karriem Al-Ghani of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam-Houston announced that his organization will host a Black Family Survival Awareness Townhall Meeting on November 21, 2014 from 7:00 to 9:30 p.m. at the Shape Community Center, 3415 Live Oak, Houston, Texas 77004. Proceeds will be used to continue the establishment of full freedom, justice, and equality for the Black, “African American”, Afrodescendant peoples via human rights restoration initiatives.
    The Black Family Survival Awareness Townhall Meeting is an opportunity for Black parents, community leaders, organizers, preachers, Imams, and others of the Black community who consider themselves key decision makers to have direct input into the future of Blacks, “African Americans”, Afrodescendants in America. “Black community members who do not take steps to ensure the safety and survival of Black men, women, and children in America run the risk of a large swathe of the Black population being further adversely impacted by not only social issues but the anticipated economic collapse of the U.S. financial system”, said Minister Al-Ghani.
    Attendees will receive the following information: 1) Learn how the Black Family can protect itself against indiscriminate killings of Blacks in America, poverty, illness, miseducation, mass incarceration, and racism, 2) Receive the opportunity to take action on U.S. President Obama’s inaction to the Open Letter by the Honorable Silis Muhammad, Chief Executive Officer, which requested reparations for 400 years of plantation slavery. 3) Ask questions during the Question and Answer session at this free event. Refreshments will be served.
    The Lost-Found Nation of Islam is a Houston nonprofit working for the FULL freedom, justice, and equality of the Black Family in America.
    More information on this Black Family Survival Awareness Townhall Meeting is available online at http://www.LFNOIHouston.org, by calling 832.331.78632 or by emailing info@LFNOIHouston.org.
    ——————————————– END RELEASE ——————————————–
    Information contact:

  5. Schlep Sunday

    On Sunday, December 7, 2014 from 7:00 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center of Houston located at 5601 South Braeswood, B’nai B’rith, Edward M Gardner PC CPA, Temple Sinai Brotherhood and the Houston Chapter of the Texas Society of CPA’s will be participating in a city wide clothing, toy, and food drive. For 9 years, Bellaire ROTC has helped load the truck in the morning.

    We are asking the community to bring non-perishable food, clothing and toys that will be donated to the Star of Hope. We will have an 18 wheeler truck at the Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center collecting the items.

    Holidays are a time of joy, giving and love with our families. There are a lot of individuals in our community less fortunate than us. “It’s a great time to clean out your closets and get that last minute tax deduction. Your old clothes are a wonderful gift to someone in need”, said Ed Gardner CPA Project Chairman and founder of this project.

    We ask that you mark December 7th on your calendar and take a few moments that day to bring items to the Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center of Houston. Receipts will be issued for those who want to take a deduction for tax purposes.

    Items donated go to the Star of Hope. Last year the project helped approximately 12,000 people on this one day event. Our goal is 20,000 plus this year. For the last 33 years, we have helped over 304,000 fellow Houstonians. Many families still need help. Help us help our neighbors.

    As you go through your closets and pantries, remember what your donations will mean to those who will appreciate what you have to give. For those of us who are fortunate enough to not have to worry where we sleep tonight or whether we will have a meal tomorrow, programs such as this may escape our attention. But for those who do have these issues to deal with on a daily basis, this program is very important. This means food on a day when a family may not be able to eat, good clothes for children that do not have the opportunity to go shopping each new school year, a new suit for a dad or mom who needs to look for a job, toys for those children at a time of year when they would ordinarily go without, and sheets to sleep on and blankets to sleep under when the climate is most inhospitable.

    All you need to do is box and bag dry staple food items, clean usable clothing, toys and other household items that you no longer need, put them in your car, and drive them to the collection site. You don’t even have to get out of your car. This is such a simple way to help someone in need, and your donations are tax-deductible.

    If you wish to volunteer, give Ed Gardner a call at
    713-942-1040. We need help with individuals collecting items from donor car and putting items in trailer. A 2 hour shift could go a long way in helping those less fortunate.

  6. Please respond to this request. I have some information that must be published concerning special need children and how the state fraudulent closed our school.. The information are facts. and can be proven. My phone is 832-250-4444.

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you for contacting THS. We will take a look at your information. Call the office at 713-524-0SUN. We also offer the opportunity for Letters to the Editor to be published in THS.

  7. His Dorris,
    Long time no speak–this Jacqui Gates Shipe — my grandson, Ronnie Dawson was drafted by Houston Astros this week. His family will be coming down for official meetings this Thursday. I wanted to reconnect in case this is newsworthy for the Houston Sun.

  8. My name is Madeline Culpepper. I’m one of the founding members of the African American Women Council for Community Outreach, a non profit organization in Houston Texas. Our mission is to provide school supplies, uniforms, toys and scholarships to seniors who are entering college by sponsoring fundraisers throughout the year. All moneys raised are 100% contributed to the needs of these children. We do not profit in anyway. We assist underprivileged children annually. We are celebrating our 20 year anniversary with a Gala and fundraiser at the Hilton Garden Inn in Pearland on September 15, 2017. We would love any coverage you can provide with promoting the Gala before and during the event.

  9. Editor,
    I would like to inform your publication that the Texas Southern University Student Government Association will be hearing the Hall of Fame nomination of Mr. Ovide Duncantell on Wednesday, November 29th at 3:00 pm in the Sterling Life Student Center in room 207A. The hearing will take about an hour. For any further information feel free to contact Dwight Banks at: ddbanks5@gmail.com. Thank you.

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