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May 32021

The Combined Family-A New Type of Unity

When discussing Black families the theme that often comes up is separation. A lot has been done to break apart the family unit in the African American community and the results are obvious and widespread. What is less often discussed is the choosing and creation of a family unit, and how it both fortifies and […]

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Jul 142020

Healing a Nation: After a Public Servant Kills

  Commentary Carline Rogers In view of the world’s reaction to the untimely, unwarranted, violent death of an African American man, George Perry Floyd by the hands of a profession public servant, a constable of the peace. The fact that something like this take place in our modern society is totally mind-boggling and quite disturbing. […]

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Jul 132020

The Symbol of the Bended Knee

Commentary Andrea Shelton, Ph.D. The human knee has gotten a lot of press lately. Governmental authorities had a knee jerk reaction to the thousands of protestors around the country, ordering troops to prepare to curtail peaceful activities. Protestors have been kneeling, often with police, in solidarity for the reasons for the protest- years of police […]

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Jul 132020173 comments

The Signs Say Black Lives Matter

Commentary By Jesse Jackson The sign says Black Live Matter. Yet the very people who are supposed to protect us too often, in too many places, don’t seem to agree. Demonstrators march down I-94 in St. Paul, Minnesota, protest after the death in police custody of George Floyd on May 31. | Scott Olson/Getty Images […]

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Jul 1320207,087 comments

George Floyd, Policing and the Paradigm Shift

 May 26th marked the first night of protests that were ablaze after George Floyd’s death at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department. The day before, four Minneapolis police officers arrested George Floyd for allegedly using a counterfeit $20 bill to buy cigarettes. Before verifying if the accusation was true or not (it turned out […]

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Jul 102020117 comments

Recommendations For Change

Commentary Bishop Frank Rush, Ray Hunt & JoAnne Valley Rush I applaud your response. Things are not good now in race relations in this country. And though these acts of horrific racism are not new, the “promise” of change seems to keep eluding those who face it daily. Can you imagine many Moms I know […]

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Jul 9202044 comments

America in Crisis: “I Can’t Breathe”; George Floyd’s Dying Words

By Thelma H. Johnson, Houston Sun Correspondent It has been 21 days, 504 hours, 30,240 minutes since millions of protesters across the United States and around the world took to the streets seeking justice after witnessing the killing of George Floyd, a black man in police custody, by four Minneapolis policemen. On May 25, 2020, […]

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