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May 32021

Derek Response fits

Interviewee: Anthony Collier Second year law student Profession- Student Body President at the University of Texas School of Law Organization- Chair of the National Black Law Students Association Interviewer: JaQuayla Owens Date of interview: 21 April 2021 Location: Phone interview Purpose: Houston Sun Newspaper Acronyms: AC= Anthony Collier; JO= JaQuayla Owens JO: How does the […]

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Jul 1320206,610 comments

The Struggle Continues

Commentary Franklin Jones, Ph.D. Social upheavals and their suppressions have been a routine fixture in the American landscape. They have been characterized differently by those who supported them and those who did not. The ones most likely to be explained in a less than favorable light are those that appear to be a direct challenge […]

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Jul 132020563 comments

The Signs Say Black Lives Matter

Commentary By Jesse Jackson The sign says Black Live Matter. Yet the very people who are supposed to protect us too often, in too many places, don’t seem to agree. Demonstrators march down I-94 in St. Paul, Minnesota, protest after the death in police custody of George Floyd on May 31. | Scott Olson/Getty Images […]

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Jul 132020485 comments

Freedom to Speak: In view of the world’s response to George Perry Floyd murder, give one solution required to make progress

Veronica DeBoestThanks to George Perry Floyd!The change is here! I feel cases should be reviewed. I remember when so many of our kids where going to jail very fast. I found out that a white officer was planting drugs on them.A brother Lieutenant listened to me. The officer was removed from here! I hope things […]

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Jul 132020

Rethinking Justice: “Everyone is Not in a Gang”

  Commentary Ruth Hoffman Lach My introduction to police brutality occurred when I was teaching at Westbury High School in the early 90’s and my students told me about their experiences. I never again assumed anything about a uniformed officer. I was introduced to gangs at the same time. Although several of my students were […]

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Jul 102020424 comments

Has the time come today?

Commentary By Rev. Pervis Hall Years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. raised the question “Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community?” Against a backdrop of the recent social unrest post the killing of George Perry Floyd; we still find ourselves living a similar experience as that of Dr. King, grappling with some […]

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