Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance Passes


Houston’s Mayor Annise Parker’s Equal Rights Ordinance passed 11-6 and proved to be almost as tedious as her mayoral election.

Although it is a major victory for the LGBT community, Councilmember Jerry Davis, who voted for the ordinance, emphatically expressed to the citizens of Houston that this is for the people of his district, the young men of color who are disenfranchised because of the color of their skin.

Councilmember Dwight Boykins of District D, stressed how conservative his constituents are and he made his decision based on his district which turned out to be a no vote.

Councilmember C.O. Bradford At- Large, Larry Green, District K both voted yes citing it was just the right thing to do.

The weeks of waiting caused both the pro and con sides to grow in there fervor for their cause.

City Council and Mayor Parker heard over 200 constituents that ranged from clergy, transgendered, transitioning, homosexuals, heterosexuals, students, elected officials and everyone in between.

There is a six month period where the ordinance can be contested but Mayor Parker hopes it doesn’t come to that at all.

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