Houston Sun Presents: 7 Villages – Juneteenth Breakfast Symposium


For Texas’ African American residents, June 19th (Juneteenth) is the essential Freedom Day. It is the reminder of the joy of liberty, of the pain, the struggle, and the perseverance of Africans in Diaspora ancestry.

This day also brought new hope with great expectations. Black Texans longed for freedom and on June 19, 1865; two years after President Abraham Lincoln had signed the Emancipation Proclamation, the enslaved in Texas learned about their freedom when General Granger and 2000 soldiers came into Texas to read the Proclamation.

Throughout the day Empowerment Community Building Panels will provide educational discussions on the

Today, the official Texas holiday serves to spotlight the end of slavery in Texas’ and to celebrate African American History and Heritage.

Families are strengthen with the celebration of Juneteenth. As African Americans unite, reflect, and bond, positive change happens. It is also an opportunity to share African American culture with other ethnic groups, the tragedy of slavery and the rise beyond the enslavement.

That rise is the celebration that is found in 151 years of freedom, which is only two full generations ago; and when you add back the 100 years of legalized Jim Crowism and de facto segregation, African Americans have only lived in the USA under a freedom banner for 151 years. This newly found freedom rides of the backs off and under the efforts of the Freedom Riders and Freedom Fighters that worked fearlessly from 1618 and slavery to the 1960s which resulted in the Civil Rights Act. Even today Voting Rights Act must be renewed every 25 years to remain enforceable by law Freedom AIN’T Easy!
Don’t you think that these few years of freedom are worth celebrating? We think so. Therefore, the Houston Sun is inviting you to put your best advertisement message in our June 19th publication.

Special Issue closing is June 17, at 12 Noon for placement and copy by 5PM. Electronic copy in PDF, JPEG or TIFF formats may be sent to: Juneteenth@houstonsun.com or sungroupads@yahoo.com. Make checks payable to The Houston Sun and mail to the above address.

We accept VISA/MC/AMEX cards or you may pay using PayPal.
For more information, call 713-524-0786. Call Today and say “Yes” to this FREEDOM Salute.
Part two of our celebration is the THS 7 Juneteenth Freedom Village Breakfast and Panel June 14!

7 Villages of Freedom.

1. Faith Village will help 21st century citizens learn about perseverance and faith today.
2. The Economics & Financial Literacy Village vendors sell an array of African and African-American clothing, art and artifacts, specialty items, crafts and delicious foods.
3. The Legal Village will feature “Know your Rights” under the law.
4.The Education Village will feature colleges, schools and childcare centers.
5. Children’s & Information Village has games, face painting, crafts and other fun, educational enrichment activities and information.
6. The Health Village includes blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and HIV screenings. Medical professionals from area health centers and hospitals are available for consultations and the
7. Housing Village will include a homebuyers information and real estate opportunity for improved quality of life.

Your business or organization, along with other businesses and organizations, are offered booths to inform the men, women, youth, and families of services about mentoring, tutoring, mental health, substance abuse, job services, etc. and activities such as music and drama camp, summer camp, day camp, after school, athletic teams etc., available in Houston and surrounding areas. Professionals in their respective fields will provide information, activities, and demonstrations that will advance youth in our community.

Juneteenth Breakfast, 8am, June 14, 2014 @ The Power Center,
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