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By Sheila Ray-Reed, Lifestyle EditorThe Houston Sun


Blame the Comic

Blame the Comic

“Blame the Comic” born Marion Stafford, is a hometown sensation making strides across the country with his humor.  Raised in Houston, Blame said he always knew he had the gift to make people laugh.  After completing a bachelors’ degree in Communications Media Production, at the University of Houston, Blame felt there was something more out there for him.  While at a car dealership one day he ran into a comedian who recognized his talent for laugher.   The fellow comic asked Blame to come out one evening and join him on stage.

Seizing the moment of amateur night, Blame grabbed the microphone, went on stage, and has not stopped since.  Using stories of his childhood, current events and his quiet wit for Improv,  Blame has turned what he thought were basic experiences into autobiographical satirical humor that depict life for today’s generation.  “Richard Pryor was one of the greats and is legendary.  I have much respect for his craft but I am drawn to the likes of Martin Lawrence, Jaime Foxx and David Spade,” he said.

Amid his talent for quick satirical ad-libbing, Blame is an impressive comedic writer of skit comedy and stand-up routine.  His YouTube videos showcase some of his remarkable variations of comedy. Whatever technique is into play, it all goes back to his audience.

“When I perform, I am thoroughly in-tune with my audience.  I want to give them the best.  I remember seeing a lady in the audience who had recently come to a set I had just performed.  My first thought was will she be receptive if I used some of my same material?  Then, I thought she is back for more and undoubtedly enjoyed the first set.  I guess it’s like hearing a good sermon twice,” he said.

Sharing the stage with various other talents such as Bill Bellamy and Nephew Tommy of the Steve Harvey Morning Show, Blame is quickly taking over co-hosting duties while on tour with Nephew Tommy.  His ability to appeal to the audience as well as his camaraderie with other comics has allowed him to excel.

Now being hailed as one of the leaders for the new generation of up and coming comics, Blame exemplifies dedication to making people laugh.  With his stand-up and television appearances and visions of authoring and producing, Blame is turning his talent into an empire that will unfold laughter into entrepreneurism.

In a personal project, Blame has a non-profit foundation called Humor for Hope. It is aimed at helping young people build self esteem through humor and laugher in sketch comedy portraying the social impact and influence of believing in one’s self and dreams despite circumstances.

Blame is currently on tour.  Check his website www.blamethecomic for venues and dates.

He does have a standing engagement in Houston the third Saturday of each month at the De Joint Comedy Club.

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