To those affected by Hurricane Harvey:

In the 2017 Legislative Session, a majority of your state lawmakers changed the laws which help property owners recover losses after a storm like Harvey and hampered your ability to hold your insurance company accountable if they slow to pay, low pay, or no pay.

Well, the new law goes into effect SEPTEMBER 1!! This law will make it harder for you to get the insurance companies to pay what they are supposed to pay when they are supposed to pay it.

UPDATED: this is a formal notice of claim that you can submit.
From an email from State Bar President-Elect, Joe Longley (longtime insurance law guru and consumer advocate):

“To take advantage of current Texas Insurance Law protecting property owners’ with regard to damage claims resulting from HURRICANE HARVEY, policyholders should send a written message or email directly to their insurance company that (1) specifically references their claim; AND (2) is dated BEFORE SEPTEMBER 1, 2017.

Telephone messages will not suffice to give written the notice.


Once August 31 passes, you will be stuck in the same battle with fewer weapons.

Be safe, aware, and ready to take action.

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