Students burnt up the Texas Southern University Tracks


Left to right Aleeajah Hosey and Abigail Tello-Mettlach are best friends and Jeremiah Kiplagat, a native

of Elboret Kenya. (Photo Credit: Tanuke Smith)

Kevin Gill North Shore Track/ Field  and  LeCarl Hayes (Photo Credit: Tanuke Smith)

By: Tanuke Smith

Students from across the United States, came together at Duley Field to compete in the 66th Annual Track and Field Relays, held at Texas Southern University.  TSU Relays opening ceremonies were performed by various members of the Alumni. Sonja Dawson Franklin, class of 96, lead the National followed by the Negro National Anthem. The Reverend Deacon Timothy D. Bryant of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church lead the stadium in prayer, blessing the athletes as they display their talents for the spectators to see.

Kevin Gill of North Shore High School ran the 2×4 coming in last year winning the nationals with a speed of 102:16 only to close this season relay with a run time of 127:11. Kevin Gill is looking forward to next year’s relays as Kevin’s dream is to become a professional athlete.

LeCarl Hayes Representing the Nigeria Olympic team, came back to the states to train for the relays. Running twice, LeCarl ran the 400 meters at 10 am. and the 400 meters at 4 pm.

“I’ll be a TSU Tiger for the rest of my life,” said LeCarl Hayes. LeCarl is number two in the country in the 200 meters and comes in first in the Olympic trials.

Jermirah Kiplagat, a native of Elboret Kenya, came to the United States to study. Transferring from University of Texas San Marcos, Kiplagat, enrolled at Grambling State University where he is studying economics.

“Track and Field is my second love. Numbers and love belong to one another. You generate numbers in track and field,” Kiplagat said.

Competition is what Kiplatgat signed up for. Jeremiah Kiplagat Grambling State University seeks success.  Jermirah is competing with numbers in the 1500 meters of four minutes and six seconds, Jeremiah inspiration does not come from the Olympian   Usain Bolt, his inspirations come from within himself.

Gregory- Portland High School located 15 miles north of Corpus Christi, in Portland, Texas. Aleeajah Hosey and Abigail Tello-Mettlach are best friends. This is their third year competing in the women’s 4×1, 4×2 and open, long and triple. Abigail on the right broke her hip in her freshman year in high school.

“My muscles were so strong; my hips were not able to handle the stress that I put on it during the race,”                         said, Abigail Tello-Mettlsch.

“We are joined at the hip we cannot run without one other.”

Both girls are smiling as Abigail told her story.

With Aleeajah by her side and the assistance of the local Physical Therapist and Chiropractor; Abigail found herself right back on the track at TSU.  Both ladies are headed for college and both are inspiring to work in the medical field. For Aleeajah wants to enroll in UT Austin and study Radiation Therapy, and Abigail wants to attend school and become a Chiropractor.

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