African American History and Symposium set


The Houston Sun is calling on you, the public again to help bring African American History and achievements alive. All cultures can participate. Put on your creative, proud hat and join our 2nd Annual African American History Parade, Saturday, Feb. 18, 2017 at 10 AM. “Let’s showcase the accomplishments of black folks and take that knowledge to the streets. Spectators will learn and value the work of Freedmen and their descendants in American. So, it’s Show and Tell time on February 18, 2017 at 10 AM. Let’s teach the community about our diverse history and culture,”  Publisher Dorris Ellis said. It is important to note that this Parade and Symposium is set at the time of Brotherhood Week so that cultures can learn about each other as we work toward a more perfect union in America.

Texas Southern University’s President Dr. Austin Lane is the Grand Marshall and esteemed educators and civic leaders will serve as honorary Presidents. Among them are: Yvonne Gibbs, Dr. Thomas Freedmen, Captain Paul Matthews, and Ovide Duncantell.

Staging is at Hutchinson and Tuam near Emancipation Park at 9:00 AM. So go ahead and think about who or what you are going to represent. Each individual or group in the parade is asked to do a little homework and decide upon a person, invention or iconic event that was created, invented or made known by an African American. Be creative and showcase their entry to the spectators and to the judges. The esteem panel of judges, vibrant Dr. Alvia Wardlaw, The imaginative Sister Mama Sonja and the artistic Michelle Barnes at the end of the parade at Texas Southern University. Awards will be presented to the winners at the beginning of the Symposium at Texas Southern.

Following the Parade, we host the From Crisis to Solutions Symposium, moderated by State Representative Dr. Alma Allen and co-sponsored by the Barbara Jordan – Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs in room 114 from 12:30-4 PM. The Symposium starts with Parade Award Presentations, and opens with a performance by the TSU Dr. Thomas Freedman’s Debate Team. Engagement between the community and the panelists will be guided Dr. Allen. Among the panelists are: Rep. Senfronia Thompson,  Dr. Richard Petrie, Percival Gibbs, and, Aileen Fonsworth.

Families, educators, religious and community leaders, business social organizations leaders, plus the total human network who can place solutions on the table to empower generations present and future.

The goal is to find solution to known problems.

Making life better for the present and the future is the focus.


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