Texans win over 49ers 23-10 in preseason opener

Three lovely Texans' fans smiling after a Texans' win over the SF49ers.
Three lovely Texans’ fans all smiles after a Texans 23-10  win over the 49ers.

Houston Texans quarterbacks Brian Hoyer, Ryan Mallett and Tom Savage, already ranked one, two and three in the eyes of many eyes showcased their talents in a 23-10 victory over the San Francisco at NRG Stadium as three quarterbacks vied for starting position in the season opener in the midst of 71,400 fans.

The Texans started with Hoyer.  He was in and out but, he went straight into action promptly with a 58-yard pass to wide receiver Cecil Shorts III.  He continued with a two-point conversion to DeAndre Hopkins. Texans lead the first quarter 8-0.  Hoyer finished 2 for 4 with 67 yards.

The 49ers got on the board in the second quarter with a 10-yard pass from back-up quarterback Blaine Gabbert, followed by the extra point from kicker, Phil Dawson. The game, a one-point difference, between the teams, 7-8, with a Texans’ lead

Late in the second quarter, Dawson puts up three for the 49ers with a 37-yard field goal.  The 49ers get the lead, closing out the second quarter 10-8.

Mallett took over through the half and came up short when it came to scoring.  At one point the ball was moved all the way to the 1-yard line.  The Texans had eight plays to take it into the end-zone.  But just couldn’t make it.  It was a serious ball-stall.

Mallett finished his preseason opener with 10 of 11 for 90 yards and eight-pass completion.

Like Hoyer, Savage made his way to the scoreboard.  He landed a 10-yard pass to wide receiver, Jaleen Strong in the third quarter.  Texans  up 15-10.   Two more points were added by safety, Jason Ankrah as he stopped Gabbert in the endzone.  Houston leads 17-10.

Fourth quarter scoring was left solely to the Texans.  Kicker Randy Bullock does what he does best.  He put up two field goals.  One was for 41-yards; the other for 39-yards with 6:47 remaining in the game. Final score 23-10, gives the Texans a win it the pre-season opener.

The answer is still in the air, somewhat on who will be the Texans’ leading quarterback.  What is for sure from the mouth of Coach Bill O’Brien is that Mallett will start the next preseason against Denver on August 23 at NRG Stadium.

Texans’ fan, Michael Moore, says that he is picking Hoyer for the top spot.  “He’s the best.  The Texans got him in and he played only a short time.  This means, they know what he can do.  Also, they don’t want him to get hurt.  The others, (Mallet and Savage) have to prove themselves,” he said.

Moore could be right in a sense, since Mallet is starting next week.  Mallet does know that he will have to put some points on the board.  If not, then the contest starts again between Hoyer and Savage and not among the three.




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