Post Election Day Editorial: We are not there yet ?

Dorris Ellis
Dorris Ellis

Why do voters stay home? Why do voters allow others to carry the heavy weight of government? Have the democrats given up hope? Do democrats have a qualified field of candidates who can motivate the constituents? Do democrats know how to engage the absent voter?

The disenfranchised voter is in a major funk. On the ground is where the vote is won. Connecting with the voter is what motivates voting. Learning what voters need is essential to prospective voters.

The status quo has been the rule of the electorate in Texas since the Civil Rights legislation signed by President Baines Johnson 50 years ago. The nation has fought that progress continuously. For the black and white together has not occurred as our nation has yet to overcome the issues that divide. Are we there yet? Maybe the question is do we want to go there? If so, how do we get there?

Regardless of the kind of legislation passed to equalize the socio-economic classes and the racial and gender classes, law cannot regulate nor change the hearts of men and women. America has an entrenched band of entitlement and it is ruthful and unwise to think that a “mine” and “take” American will give another what they think will weaken their position. To make one equal, something must be taken from the other who has access to more. America is a capitalist nation and those with the capital are uninterested in sharing their capital with those who have less. In the past six years, ultraists who practice extremism, especially in politics or government have become radical, employing an intense anti – President Obama stand that is making America an unsustainable, unsound country placing it on shaky ground as a melting pot nation.

Why do I assert this notion? The risk our nation faces is evidenced in the lack of hope our nations’ citizens’ displays. For example, the economy has improved; the stock market is up; unemployment is lower; the air is cleaner; all are indicators that the nation is moving ahead nicely, still the menu of media talkers fill the minds of Americans with defeat. Hence, citizens become overwhelm with continuous negative concepts and fail to perform self – analysis, therefore they retreat into becoming irrelevant and as a result of not protecting their own interest – i.e., not voting.

When citizens of the greatest nation on the planet Earth do not participate in its government of the people, for the people, and by the people, we become a nation that is in trouble. When more people stay home than select to exercise their right to be a part of the directing of America’s polices, we establish a pattern of abandonment and negligence. When the children of the nation experiences abandonment and negligence, they lose hope and without hope, we risk not forming a progressive nation. Instead, we work to build an oppressive nation.

A nation that seeks non – inclusivity, does not encourage people to register to vote defeats itself. When this happens we do not energize the opportunity to get the best from all of our citizens. The oppressed is encouraged to remain oppressed by the creation of insidious policies, which dumb-down the citizens causing many of them to believe that one’s vote does not count. The vote does not count only if it is not casted and in Harris County just as through America, Americans failed themselves. They failed, because during this 2014 mid-term election, we rejected the gift that forefathers gave us. We rejected their work, counted it a zero, saying that they were foolish to risk their lives thinking that we would be wise enough to use and expand their work for the good of America and it starts with the vote.

The Voting Rights Act is an Act. It is not a law. You must know that it has to be reauthorized every 25 years. If future generations do not keep their eyes on the calendar, it will go away. With the turnout of the 2014 mid-term election, it might as well go away some may say. Now, what is Americans to do? Analyze this cycle. At the top level of the Democrats, 37 million dollars was raised, which is a benchmark for the next election. As the Democrat learns how to raise money, they must also learn how to Get Out the Vote. That strategy should begin now, not a month before the election. For when a commitment is made for democracy, the work is 365 days a year, not just during the election season, which is upsetting to the people who refused to cast their votes on yesterday. During the next 730 days our nation regardless of party affiliation need to fix some things. Our nation needs to learn the answers to these questions: Why do voters stay home? Why do voters allow others to carry the heavy weight of government? Have the democrats given up hope? Do democrats have a qualified field of candidates who can motivate the constituents? Do democrats know how to engage the absent voter?

Democracy works better when more citizens participate. Albeit most voters stayed home in Texas and throughout the country, those who had the insight to vote for their interest did, as they understood the value of their vote.

Texas is still “red” from top to bottom. The US House and Senate are “red”. America has a “blue” executive branch and we must learn what will happen in January when the Republicans take its responsibility to govern the nation at the congressional level. The last time that the Republicans governed at the federal level they issued a Contract with America. It is time for all Americans to participate in a 2015 version of the contract as a joint venture between the people and those who represent them.

May God bless and I will see you next week.

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