Does Alameel, Democratic Party want the Black vote?

Texas Publishers Association

Has the African-American community become so loyal to the Democratic Party that politicians the likes of David Alameel and the Texas candidate for the Governor’s office feel they no longer need to work to earn our vote? It’s a fact since 1932 with the election of Roosevelt, the Democratic Party has consistently garnered more than half of the Black vote. Understandably so, considering who the Republicans have had to offer in the past years and with the emergence of the Tea Party in recent years, the overall party is ever so hostile towards Blacks, people of color, women and every other demographic excluding wealthy white males. But that’s no excuse for the continued gross and negligent oversight of the Democratic Party as a whole and its many candidates respecting the need to earn the Black vote.

Perhaps this is why Alameel and the current Texas Democratic candidate for the Governor’s Office have yet to answer the call of the Black press to sit and address the Black agenda. They have been happy to sit down and speak to FOX News about issues of importance to the Latino community. They have even made it their business to address local issues affecting the LGBT community in order to receive support.

Alameel even seemed elated to speak with CBS KENS5 News about his plans, if elected to bring back American jobs from Japan and China. He sounded jubilant to talk to Jay St. John and Sergio Mora on AM Radio about his travels “all over the state of Texas” and how much “fun” he has been having.

We know where both candidates stand on immigration reform. We know where they both stand on the economy. We know they are working very hard to gain the support and votes of the Latino community. But why are they deliberately ignoring the Black vote? Is the Black vote not equally as important? Do we not have issues that are pressing? Why are we continually being disregarded when we have a number of media outlets that can ensure the Black communities throughout Texas receive the proper information regarding the platforms of each Democratic candidate who claim to represent ALL of Texas.

Maybe these two Democratic candidates have been ill advised regarding the importance of addressing the Black community collectively and continually. Maybe these two candidates believe that Black people will not mobilize collectively to demand a platform that addresses Black unemployment, police brutality, voter suppression laws and the host of issues plaguing the Black community.

Considering it was in the heart of the Black community, Oak Cliff (a Dallas Community), where Alameel got his humble beginnings one would think courting the Black vote would be atop Alameel’s campaign agenda. However, if he thinks aligning with certain politicians of color is enough to win our support, he has made a gross miscalculation. Black leaders sometimes are well intentioned in their efforts, howeer it would be wise for them to pay attention to their constituents in their districts. Texas Black Publishers are now requesting a meeting to address and stress the need for Alameel, and other Democratic candidates meet with the Black Press of Texas. It’s time to stop being inaccessible to the concerns and questions being asked by the Black Press. It’s time to stop being unresponsive to the Black community. We are tired of the symptomatic negligence both candidates and the Democratic Party have continued to display for the Black communities around the Lone Star State.

Do not make the mistake of thinking a select group of Black elected officials speak for the Black community at large and definitely not the Black press. If David Alameel and the candidate for the Governor’s Office want our continued support, our endorsements and our vote, then they will have to earn it just as any other viable candidate would. Do not expect us to toe the Party line. These candidates cannot assume that just because their opponents do not like the agendas of our current presidential administration that the Black vote is in the bag. It is no longer a matter of the lesser of two evils.

We look forward to sitting down in the near future.

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