Southmore Station Spared, No Closure


Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee called a press conference at the Southmore Post Office Station at 4110 Almeda Rd. where she proudly announced along with community members turned super activist that the Southmore Station will be spared from closure.

The historical landmark brought the predominately African American community of Third Ward together as they fought side by side to save the post office from imminent closure. This is also a much needed win as rapid change has happened within the community within the past couple of years.

This struggle started in December of 2013 when the community learned of a public hearing during a City Council meeting. Real Estate Specialist for the USPS, Sandra Rybicki, delivered the shocking news to council members and Mayor Parker that six stations were under review for proposed closures: Southmore Station, Medical Center Station, University Station, Greenbriar Station, Julius Melcher Station and Memorial Park Station.

The Southmore Station received thousands and thousands of letters on behalf of its importance to the community of Third Ward/ Midtown and the city of Houston. Leaders such as Kofi Taharka of NBUF personally hand delivered the letters in Washington, D.C. to send a direct message that Southmore Station would not be an easy target.

Students from Texas Southern University under the leadership of Professor Serbino Sandifer- Walker diligently protested, marched, wrote letter and rallied for others to write letters to save their station.

With the good news delivered the Congresswoman and community members were all smiles yet they remained focused as to the lingering issues of the closures in the community schools.

Community members were reminded of the power they hold when they unite and fight together. Their united front saved Southmore Station from closure and preserved the historical legacy of the civil rights break through that happened right there on that property before the USPS decided to build a post office on the land.

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