Donald Sterling’s racist comments sparks fury

The hottest story of the weekend has to be the riveting taped conversation between L.A.Clippers Owner, Donald Sterling and girlfriend, V. Stiviano, as to why she wants to be seen in public with Blacks.

The video has gone viral thanks to TMZ Sports and has caused an outrage between former NBA players, such as Magic Johnson, who was mentioned in the conversation, and even civil rights activist such as Al Sharpton.

Many are calling for some type of action to be made in reprimanding Sterling for his comments.

Below are links to video: All videos come from TMZ Sports

Donald Sterling, L.A.Clippers Owner, telling his bi-racial girlfriend, not to be seen with Blacks.

Al Sharpton speaks on what the NBA should do about the Clippers. Courtesy of TMZ SPorts

Former NBA Star Magic Johnson comments on Donald Sterling.

AL Sharpton caught wind of the racial prejudice of Donald Sterling, L.A. Clippers Owner, and is calling for a protest of the NBA!
Courtesy of TMZ Sports

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