Fifth Ward’s Delux Theater gets a facelift and welcomes Texas Southern University students

SunPhoto/ Kenya Chavis Groundbreaking of the Delux Theater.
SunPhoto/ Kenya Chavis
Groundbreaking of the Delux Theater.

Fifth Ward’s Historical Delux Theater gets its third makeover.This time around it is being renovated for Texas Southern University classes and theater productions.

Roughly it will cost between $4 to 5 million to make this project into a reality, with the help of federal grant money and TSU.

TSU President John Rudley said, “classes and stage plays will be held here in the future. With the development of this project it could drive economics back into the Fifth Ward community located near downtown.”

Milton McClelland who grew up in Fifth Ward said, “I was happy to see something being done with The Delux Theater and it was at this theater I saw James Brown for the first time live in concert.”
The theater will seat 125 people when it is completed. The theater first opened in 1941.

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