Back To School

Houston City Council notes:

The Houston Youth and Recreation Programs asked the City of Houston to readopt their standards of care as written in Article XII, Chapter 32, of the Code of Ordinances, Houston, Texas, in compliance with Section 42.041(b) of the Texas Human Resource Code. The recommendation passed as Councilwoman Wanda Adams spoke on their relationship with the Houston Parks and Recreation, which is in good standing. Houston Youth and Recreation will participate in the Back to School Drive held this weekend by the Mayor’s office. The Summer Enrichment program ends Friday August 5th, but the After School Program starts up September 6th.
Crime Lab:
Applied Biosystems, LLC requested a purchase of forensic chemicals and test kits for HPD at a price of $1,619,951.62. The Houston crime lab has been plagued with reports of faulty findings and poor procedures. With this request they are asking the city for a five-year commitment that council members seem leery about. Councilman C.O. Bradford wanted to know what the long run plan is for the crime lab and requested a plan to solve the issues with the crime lab. Councilwoman Jones agreed, also saying the crime lab is problematic. “It’s really dangerous,” Councilwoman Jones said. The purchase was passed, but Councilman Bradford said he still wanted a plan.
Drainage and Retention Ponds:
TIRZ 17 requested that the City of Houston approve $ 22 million of TIRZ money to build three retention ponds in the Memorial City zone. But residents of the Spring Branch Memorial attested to this construction for they have severe flooding in their neighborhoods and the retention ponds may cause more stress than relief. The 8-acre retention pond TIRZ has planned is designed to keep three of the drainage zones 140,151 and 153 interconnected producing an automatic spill off once overflowed.
“Detention is a huge issue in this city,” said Councilwoman Jolanda Jones.
Jones spoke strongly about the need to relieve the residents of Spring Branch of their flooding problems and she said persons like, for example, 76-year old Robert Bruce, who was present shouldn’t have to beg but should be considered for what he said.
This project is still under consideration.

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