Healing a Nation: After a Public Servant Kills


Commentary Carline Rogers

In view of the world’s reaction to the untimely, unwarranted, violent death of an African American man, George Perry Floyd by the hands of a profession public servant, a constable of the peace. The fact that something like this take place in our modern society is totally mind-boggling and quite disturbing. The question is, how can or why should an on-duty police officer of the law be allowed to perpetrate such a hanifs crime in the same public, he is licensed, and sworn to serve and protect.

Although my outrage does not justify the pillage, looting and destruction of other people’s property, I personally do not condone such behavior. However, as an African American woman and citizen of the United States of America, I understand the depth of their fear, the fury and the rage. The American establishment, the Federal government and legislation must understand the deep-seated, rooted and embedded hatred and racism that unfortunately resides in the hearts of, a significant amount of white America.

I believe racism will probably never end in our country. Through-out the twenty-century, there has always been a recurrence of violent, wild, fierce and destructive police behavior against the minority. Black men and women alike from all around the country have suffered the brutality, injustice and even deaf at the hands of enraged, prejudice and racist police officers.

Sometimes I think, it is virtually impossible to forge an evolutionary change in the minds of every racist xenophobic in America. There seem to always be a group of people who believe in their hearts that their race is far superior than the black race. They thrive on the belief that, people of color, will not and shall never become, equal to an Anglo Saxon.

As African Americans thrive in all degree’s education, sciences, medical, law, entertainment, sports, etc. White American, become more and more enraged and intimidated by our accomplishments, success and riches.

Healing a Nation begins when the American establishment take an honest look and conduct an= intense investigation that will bring about true justice, because what just happened to George Floyd in Minnesota can very well be avoided. Let’s start by conducting a procedural and moral audit in every police department, sheriff department, municipality and parish in the country. Develop and unify new rules procedures for handling pre-arrest individuals and offenders placed in police custody. A bill need written to remove the “choke-hold” procedure, “knees on necks” and body parts.

Also punching and slapping an individual, to provoke them to resist arrest are just a few dirty, unprofessional tactics used by the police. I think about one of my sons with mental illness, PTSD, I am so afraid for his safety and his life, because offensive loud voices and yelling coupled with the sight of a gun, sends him into a paranoid state of mine. As a mother of four African American males and one daughter, I come to realize that I cannot protect them from racism but I taught them to respect all authority, hold your head up, no matter what, and understand that your life matters.

George Floyd’s daughter, Gianna age 6, said it best, “My daddy changed the world.”

We the people of high standards, moral values, and integrity can start the healing process.

First Lady Carline Rogers
Livingston, TX

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