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Aug 152022

Unprecedented action: 45th president home searched by FBI

For the first time in the 246-year history of the United States of America, a president’s home has been searched by law enforcement officials. Without releasing the demands in the warrant, the 45th President, Donald Trump (Republican) has reported that his Mar-A-Lago home has been searched. Trump, who is under multiple investigations, has resulted in a Federal Judge and the Department of Justice National Security Division approval of a probable cause warrant allowing the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to search his residential estate, Mar-A-Lago in Palms Spring, Fla. Months ago, it is reported that 15 boxes of government documents were sent to the National Archives from Trump’s Mar-A-Lago home in February. Monday, August 8, dressed in plain clothes at 10 a.m., while Trump was away, the FBI called ahead, entered the grounds, and presented the American paid Secret Service security with the Court orders to search the premises for classified documents.

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Jul 142020

Healing a Nation: After a Public Servant Kills

  Commentary Carline Rogers In view of the world’s reaction to the untimely, unwarranted, violent death of an African American man, George Perry Floyd by the hands of a profession public servant, a constable of the peace. The fact that something like this take place in our modern society is totally mind-boggling and quite disturbing. […]

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Jul 132020

The Symbol of the Bended Knee

Commentary Andrea Shelton, Ph.D. The human knee has gotten a lot of press lately. Governmental authorities had a knee jerk reaction to the thousands of protestors around the country, ordering troops to prepare to curtail peaceful activities. Protestors have been kneeling, often with police, in solidarity for the reasons for the protest- years of police […]

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Jul 1320205,925 comments

The Struggle Continues

Commentary Franklin Jones, Ph.D. Social upheavals and their suppressions have been a routine fixture in the American landscape. They have been characterized differently by those who supported them and those who did not. The ones most likely to be explained in a less than favorable light are those that appear to be a direct challenge […]

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Jul 132020189 comments

The Signs Say Black Lives Matter

Commentary By Jesse Jackson The sign says Black Live Matter. Yet the very people who are supposed to protect us too often, in too many places, don’t seem to agree. Demonstrators march down I-94 in St. Paul, Minnesota, protest after the death in police custody of George Floyd on May 31. | Scott Olson/Getty Images […]

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Jul 132020105 comments

Freedom to Speak: In view of the world’s response to George Perry Floyd murder, give one solution required to make progress

Veronica DeBoestThanks to George Perry Floyd!The change is here! I feel cases should be reviewed. I remember when so many of our kids where going to jail very fast. I found out that a white officer was planting drugs on them.A brother Lieutenant listened to me. The officer was removed from here! I hope things […]

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