Mayoral candidate Whitmire files campaign contribution report

 On January 17, 2023, the John Whitmire for Mayor Campaign filed its campaign contribution and expenditure report. 

The John Whitmire Campaign for Houston Mayor raised $1,148,015 from supporters in less than one month between the 2022 General Election and the legislative fundraising moratorium. 

Contributions maintained by the Whitmire Campaign at the end of the year total $10,100,086. 

Statement from John Whitmire: 

“I am so very grateful for the support shown for my campaign for mayor from so many Houstonians. Raising over $1.1 million in 30 days shows that we will have the resources to run a vigorous campaign reaching out to all Houstonians. 

“But campaigns are not just about money. They’re about ideas and solutions and the ability to get things done. Houstonians know that I have the experience to do the job. I will be tough but smart on crime. I will improve our infrastructure—streets, water, drainage. I will upgrade city services, including garbage pickup and permitting. Houston is a great city and we must address all our issues to reach our potential. Working together, we can. 

“I’m a public servant. I go where I’m called. I’ve been called to lead the City of Houston as its mayor. I accept that call.” 

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