Alma A. Allen, Texas State Representative seeks HISD top job

Texas District 131 Representative Alma Allen
Texas District 131 Representative Alma Allen

Within the 150-member assembly of the Texas House of Representatives is a woman by the name of Alma Allen.

Currently serving as the state’s Representative of District 131, Allen has put on quite a résumé. But elected to one of the governmental jobs in the Lone Star State is just another destination to her tireless life journey.

Growing up in Livingston, Texas, Allen wanted to make a difference as a young girl, and education became an essential part of that difference.

“(I believe) education is the key,” Allen said.

Allen, 77, would eventually excel from elementary up to college. She initially picked Prairie View A&M (PVAMU) as one of those universities which helped minorities like herself until she ultimately chose Texas Southern University (TSU).

“TSU gave me the background to put me as an educator,” Allen said.

She would soon have Bachelor of Science and Master of Education degrees under her belt.

“Having a degree has put me at a difference in the quality of my life,” said Allen soundly.

She then goes after her Doctorate of Education in Curriculum and Instruction along with a certificate in administration and supervision, which she received from the University of Houston. As an alumna, Allen worked at the Houston Independent School District (HISD) before working as an adjunct professor for PVAMU, then for TSU. Afterwards, she got elected to the State Board of Education in 1992. Later, she would land at the Texas House of Representatives having being re-elected for two-year terms since 2004 while viewing Houston as a condition of betterment.

“There’s always a lot to improve, and I want to be a part of it,” Allen said.

A woman of integrity, Allen has considered another opportunity once her Democratic Representative days are finished, for she will be a candidate for superintendent of HISD. As HISD Superintendent, she plans to improve morale and the focus on finances and stability as some of her top priorities.

As reported by the Houston Chronicle, Allen said, “The big challenge is to make people feel wanted and needed.”

Allen will take this task head-on if selected as HISD Superintendent, instead on pursuing another term as State Representative, which ends in 2018.

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