The Houston Sun June​teenth 7 Village Fre​edom Breakfast is at​ the Power Center, S​aturday, June 14 at ​8AM

Dear Community of Responsible Residents:

You are invited to participate in a Freedom Acceleration Roundtable Exchange of Ideas.

The Houston Sun Juneteenth 7 Village Freedom Breakfast is at the Power Center, Saturday, June 14 at 8AM. Tickets are $40. Roundtable Discussion is Free. Your 7 Villages of Freedom Community Empowerment Dialogue is priceless. Please participate.

I am also asking you to share the attached flier with your email list. My goal is to generation substantive dialogue that addresses the empowerment needs of our community.

Please help grow the Empowerment Community and be part of the Solution for this age and the next generation. Come on, we can do this on the eve of Father’s Day! Grab a young person and bring her or him along. Persons age 16 and under breakfast ticket is $25. Bring a group of five or more and pay $20 per youth.

Credit cards and PayPal are accepted. Go to to make your purchase.

Houston Sun Presents: 7 Villages – Juneteenth Breakfast Symposium

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